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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

At McConnell & Jones, we pride ourselves on our client relationships. We place an emphasis on providing personalized, comprehensive services while promoting transparency and client-firm communication. See what our clients have to say.

What our Clients Say About Our Company

“We selected McConnell & Jones over better known accounting firms because of the depth of experience and knowledge of their leadership team as well as the efficiency of their operational processes.  Their use of technology streamlined processes and timely communication has resulted in a true savings of time and money.    But what I appreciated most about working with McConnell & Jones was their ability to cut through the predictable hurdles of our audit – they keep the project timeline intact and delivered the audit results, related tax filings and then some. Their understanding and proactive guidance on compliance matters and the impact on transactions like acquisitions and divestitures has enabled my team, over the years, to take timely action resulting in efficiency, cost savings and regulatory compliance.  They have become a trusted partner and have contributed to our success in completing a number of critical objectives that have fueled our organization’s turnaround over the past 4 plus years.”

Julius Cox, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

“McConnell & Jones offers exceptional service and far exceeds our expectations for an audit firm. Consistently high quality service, quick response time and team stability are the key characteristics of the MJ Team. They have a track record of providing quality audits that meet all of the regulatory requirements.  MJ will go beyond the audit requirements, and listen and respond to our unique needs.”

William C. McGary, Financial Support and Benefits
Spectra Energy

“The leadership of McConnell and Jones and the audit teams assigned to our account foster an environment of superior client service. The team is always responsive during the audit process, and throughout the entire year whenever the need arises. Beyond their attentiveness over the past several years, they are always seeking ways to go beyond the audit requirements to other compliance requirements – they listen and respond to our needs and those of our industry; and that keeps McConnell & Jones competitive with much larger firms. McConnell and Jones was presented with our “Gold Star Supplier” award this past year, for recognition of their hard work and exemplary service in their engagements with Energy Future Holdings.”

Terry Nutt, Controller
Energy Future Holdings

“Duke Energy engaged McConnell & Jones LLP (MJ) because one of MJ groups specialized in benefit plan auditing.  Duke Energy needed an audit firm to provide consistent focus on our benefit plan audits to produce quality audits of our benefit plans in a timely fashion to avoid rushed filings.  MJ has consistently achieved the goal of producing quality audits in a timely fashion.  MJ demonstrated flexibility by shifting work schedules to accommodate leveraging the legacy plan knowledge before individuals exited Duke Energy due to merger personnel changes which enabled a more effective and efficient audit process than without the legacy knowledge.  MJ has also been a good source for technical knowledge for certain benefit plan tax filing issues.  MJ has provides professional staff members to work on the Duke Energy engagement who develop great working relationships with Duke Energy personnel.”

Gregory Massey, HR Benefit Accounting Manager
Duke Energy

“I have worked with Marlon for about 20 years.  He is the standard by which I judge all auditors and very few have met that standard. I watched his rather rapid rise from inventory observer to firm partner during that time. It was well deserved. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence make any activity he is involved with a success.” 

Michelle Baker , Controller
Greenville Electric Utility System