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Unique. Adaptive. Focused.

Located in Houston, TX, a city known for its oil and gas industry, the McConnell & Jones LLP Tax and Audit Teams have a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities that face oil and gas companies when it comes to financial reporting. Between principal assets, investors and stakeholders, it is extremely important to produce accurate financial statements.

The professionals at McConnell & Jones have current industry knowledge and extensive experience dealing with the audit and tax issues facing the O&G industry. We provide SEC-regulated audit, internal audit, and tax services to upstream, midstream, and downstream organizations. Our client base includes both private and public companies involved in all stages of the O&G process, from drilling, exploration, and production, to transportation, refining, and distribution. Regardless of which sector of the O&G industry you specialize in, and whether your focus is domestic or international, we provide solutions tailored to your industry-specific challenges.

In addition to providing audit and assurance services to organizations with the O&G Industry, McConnell & Jones also provides comprehensive tax services within this industry, including expatriate tax services for companies and their employees working both in-country and abroad.