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Life at McConnell & Jones

Unique. Adaptive. Focused.

At McConnell & Jones LLP, we recognize that strong team players are key to success. We devote time, energy, and expertise so you can make valuable contributions from the start. With McConnell & Jones, you can achieve big things and we’ll apply the full range of our resources to helping you fulfill your career goals.


The best never rest. At McConnell & Jones, you’ll have access to a team of partners each with more than 20 years of experience, including work within ‘Big Four’ accounting firms and large corporations. A career with us means reaching beyond your limits to meet the challenges of tomorrow and ensure team success.


McConnell & Jones recruits individuals with unique, comprehensive, and challenging work experiences who know how to make things happen. The great variety of cultures we work with is reflected in our own staff. As one of the largest minority-owned CPA firms in the country and with more than 15 languages spoken in our office, we value diverse backgrounds, experiences, and views.


Our reputation isn’t based on luck! McConnell & Jones has established systems for achieving and maintaining superior standards in each of our services and processes. At our firm, your work is more than just a job. Our work demonstrates a commitment to consistent achievement and continuous improvement.


Our value is in our people. At McConnell & Jones we believe you will achieve more if you have an active and enjoyable work/life balance. Our community involvement initiatives can help you find more ways to expand your interests, give you the chance to volunteer for community projects, and achieve things you never knew you could.