Employee Benefit Plan Services

Employee Benefit Plan Services

Unlike other accounting firms, the employee benefit audit sector is not an “add-on” business for us- one of our core segments.


Recognized Audit Excellence

The employee benefit plan audits performed by McConnell & Jones LLP are unparalleled across the industry. Based on a study conducted by the Department of Labor, the size of our employee benefit plan audit practice places MJ in the top 100 national accounting firms that audit employee benefit plans. With this level of subject matter expertise, we serve as a resource providing you quality audits, timely responses to your accounting and regulatory questions and valuable insights into current and future developments affecting employee benefit plans.

Expertise Beyond the Audit

Not only do we understand the requirements of an audit under generally accepted auditing standards, but our team offers a deep understanding of compliance requirements from a regulatory perspective (DOL and IRS).  We not only audit the financial statements but also the operational and compliance aspect of employee benefit plans providing an additional set of eyes on regulatory compliance (including fiduciary governance) and operational issues.

We provide the following specialized services, including:

  • EBP Audit and Compliance Services:
    • Full-Scope and Limited Scope Audits
    • Financial Statement compilations
    • Financial Statement preparation
    • DOL Voluntary Compliance (DFVC & VFCP)
    • Plan Trust Fund Audits
    • SEC Form 11-K Filings
    • IRS Tax Compliance/ Form 5500 (Form 9055-SSA, Forms 990 / 990T / 990F)
  • Consulting Services
    • Internal Control Reviews
    • DOL and IRS Audit Assistance
    • Plan Fiduciary Reviews

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Eric Ernest, CPA, Partner, Employee Benefit Plan Assurance Services