Webinar: What Plan Administrators Should Know About New Regulations and Evolving Issues

It is an understatement to say things are different this year, and employee benefit plans have not been exempt from change. McConnell & Jones LLP and Thompson & Knight LLP are hosting a one-hour webinar on the changes in benefit plans including:

  • Impact of the CARES Act
  • Department of Labor changes in plan rules
  • DOL scrutiny of plans with audit deficiencies
  • Litigation related to fees, expenses, data privacy and investment performance
  • Annuities as an investment option

We promise this will be a interactive discussion and not “death by PowerPoint” as our two speakers are nationally recognized experts in audit and legal matters related to benefit plans.


Date: November 9, 2020

Time: 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time

Place: Virtual Call via Zoom

Who Should Attend: Benefit Plan Administrators, HR Professionals




Eric Ernest
McConnell & Jones LLP
Learn more about Eric here.






Neely Munnerlyn
Thompson & Knight LLP
Learn more about Neely here.