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Operational Reviews & Assessments

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McConnell & Jones LLP offers extensive experience providing a wide range of solutions to organizational challenges including proven expertise helping clients operate more efficiently and cost effectively. In today’s challenging economy organizations must have a high-performing team along with a well-planned and executed strategy in order to maintain their advantage.

To ensure a sustainable advantage for our clients, McConnell & Jones uses a customized approach based on specific goals along with dedicated consultants to provide sound advice founded on extensive real world experience.

The McConnell & Jones Operational Assessment examines critical business processes, including the company structure, policies, and overall performance, in order to identify company strengths and weaknesses and create an improvement strategy. Through surveys, interviews and onsite observation we analyze all organizational areas of your business, including:

  • General Management
  • Personnel
  • Information Systems / Technology
  • Employee Development
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Performance
  • Key Metrics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Profitability
  • Cash Flow
  • Projected Financial Performance

Our assessment is designed to identify the areas of your business that are performing well and the areas which need improvement. Once we have identified your company’s strengths and weaknesses, we provide a business improvement plan which outlines recommended actions for improvement.

The McConnell & Jones Operational Assessment Process


Employee Surveys and Interviews

Confidential employee surveys and one-on-one interviews are performed to get a better understanding of the specific processes that take place on a day-to-day basis within the organization.

Onsite Observation

A trained team from McConnell & Jones will perform direct observation in order to understand the realities of the office during the course of a typical business day. Along with the employee surveys and interviews, onsite observation serves to identify the areas within the business that are in need of improvement.

Data Analysis

Once our team has determined which areas of the business are in the most need of process improvement, we integrate all the data collected through the surveys, interviews and observation in order to comprehensively analyze the current business process and determine what actions need to be taken improve business processes (i.e. minimize delays, maximize profit, etc.). Additionally, we analyze the current best practices relating to the organization’s specific industry and identify gaps in the organizations related to these practices (processes, compliance, services, etc.).

Improvement Strategy Report

Following the Operational Assessment, the organization will receive our improvement strategy report, which will detail our recommendations for business and process improvement. Our overall strategy seeks to improve the quality, profitability, and effectiveness of the business processes.

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