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Risk and Process Improvement Services for Growing Companies

Our approach to managing and mitigating risk is unique:  we have found that successful companies believe risk management is more about having your business drivers go right vs. simply preventing things from going wrong.  During the past 30 years, we have continued to evolve in our methodology and engagements, because   an effective risk management program should begin with a client’s business drivers, and then cascade down to their risk drivers.

Our proven this methodology is applicable for all organizations and in all business sectors:

  • Private companies
  • Public companies
  • Government and municipal entities
  • Higher education and K-12
  • Non-profits

It is with this approach we can demonstrate improved ROI on your risk and process improvement investments.

While each organization is unique, we generally find that improving your management control structure and business processes can generate the best outcomes for both risk mitigation and the items on management’s key performance indicators.

When Can You Benefit from Our Services?

  • Experiencing extreme growth in which processes lag the organizational complexities
  • Experiencing slow growth and inability to meet department and company objectives
  • Experiencing the downside of growth caused by exceeding your resources and tools’ ability to manage it
  • Being challenged by new technology or competition that infringes on market share or margin
  • Increasing regulations for your industry that are difficult to meet and cause delays or organizational stress
  • Not evolving quickly enough to keep up with business/customer demands and missing new revenue opportunities
  • Wanting to avoid pitfalls that some many startups or novice companies have experienced as outlined in the Greiner Curve model
  • Wanting to continuously evolve and improve but unsure where to derive the optimal ROI for new investments

Common Risk Categories



Areas to examine                                Outcomes_____________________________________________

Corporate KPIs                                    Focus on the right metrics, improved indicators and goal achievement

Market dynamics                                Anticipate and lever emerging market trends

Customer concentration                     A more diverse and stable customer base

Tone from the top and culture           More effective management control structure, higher retention rates, recruiting and employee engagement

Innovation                                           New solutions managing your risks and control structure

Succession                                           Seamless and organized transition to future leadership teams, knowledge transfer



Areas to examine                                Outcomes_____________________________________________

Department KPIs                                 Improved benchmarking and goal achievement

Supply chain                                        De-identifying supply chain risks and early warning signs

Technology                                          A technology improvement roadmap matched to business and growth objectives

Health & safety                                   Workforce management and regulatory compliance

Strategic services                                Align marketing, sales, HR, IT and accounting to corporate goals

Business Resilience planning              Continued operations in the event of unexpected business interruption


Financial Reporting

Areas to examine                                            Outcomes_____________________________________________

Secure financial reporting systems                 Complete, Accurate and timely financial reporting

Processes in place and being followed           Complete, Accurate and timely financial reporting

Fraud detection in place                                 Key indicators to identify internal and external fraud risks

Regulatory compliance (SOX)                         Regulatory compliance

Process improvement                                     Shorter period closings and optimized workforce



Areas to examine                                            Outcomes_____________________________________________

Financial reporting                                          Compliance and management confidence

Regulatory compliance                                   Compliance with little to no fines, penalties, or management distraction

Health & safety                                               A protected workforce and lower insurance premiums



Areas to examine                                                                    Outcomes_____________________________________________

IT security (monitoring, & vulnerability testing)                    System safer from internal and external threats

Physical security                                                                     Systems and processes in place to protect physical assets