Administrative Professionals Day Interview with Kelly Watson

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

In celebration of National Administrative Professionals day, we are spotlighting our very own “super-admin” Kelly Watson. We had a Microsoft Teams interview and asked Kelly what it’s like being an Administrative Professional in 2021 and much more!

So Kelly, what is your role at MJ?

Kelly: The thing most people know me for is setting up meetings between members of the firm and clients, but really it’s so much more. My role is not just clearing calendars, but also fostering relationships – I build bridges between people at MJ, clients and the community.

How has that changed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Kelly: A big part of our client relationship building was actually done at sporting events! In the past, we entertained clients at Astros, Rockets and Texans games. We haven’t been able to do that this past year – a lot of effort shifted to keeping our people and clients safe and healthy in this new environment.

What about fostering relationships in the office?

Kelly: Before, we would have get-togethers in the kitchen for cupcakes and fruit trays, but now we do our social events on Teams calls. And, actually, I think it’s better to spend more time with people on Teams to learn about their lives outside the office. It’s fun to be invited into people’s homes and meet their pets virtually!

So many of us have pets as we work from home. What impact do you think that’s had on our ability to get work done?

Kelly: I think a lot of people feel calmer with their pets around them as they work. Our pets have definitely trained us to give them attention during our workday! I think it’s been an overall positive!

Do you anticipate a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” once more people come back to the office?

Kelly: Oh, for sure! I think a lot of people would really enjoy that! *laughs* We’ll need separate days for dogs, cats and goats.

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone who is starting their career as an Administrative Professional?

Kelly: Because our position is the center of relationships, it’s vital to be resourceful enough to meet everyone’s needs. Every day is different from the next, so it’s essential to be adaptable and embrace the unknown. You’ve got to be a people person, but also have the technical skills to back it up. The most important thing is to always have a positive attitude!

Thanks, Kelly!

Thank you too!