McConnell Jones is in the top 3% of all CPA firms in the US that perform benefit plan audits.

Services for Benefit Plan Audits Include:

  • Defined Benefit Plans (cash balance, retirement)
  • Defined Contribution Plans (401 (a), 401(k), 403(b), ESOPs)
  • Health and Welfare plans
  • SEC Form 11-K filings
  • 5500 Compliance
  • Benefit Plan Audit Prep and Clean-up
  • Attestation Services

Beyond our technical skills, the way we work simplifies the audit process for our clients.

Our unique audit process means greater effectiveness from our audits and greater efficiency for our clients. The process of benefit plan audits can be a disruption to the normal activities of financial and HR professionals in client organizations. We have streamlined the process using a unique technology platform that improves management of the audit process for both our professionals and the clients with whom we interact to complete audit work.

Benefits of our Plan Benefit Audit Optimizer include:

All deliverables for our audit staff and our client counterparts
Calendar timing for each phase of the audit
Email communications into a single chain, in the dashboard, for easy access
Non-confidential documents into one dashboard driven repository

Our Commitment

The Power of Diverse Thinking

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Better Scoping
Less Billing Surprises

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Technology Streamlining Audit and Tax Process

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High Staff Retention
Consistent Service Teams

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Superior Communications

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Transparency & Accountability

We audit the auditors.

McConnell & Jones performs on over $8 Billion , so you can have assurance we have the right skills and experience to pass muster.


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