The exponential growth of information technology in the world of business presents an ever-growing list of vulnerabilities from multiple sources, internal and external. Our scope of services are designed to identify potential risks and recommend implementable solutions to mitigate the risks.

Services for Information Technology

  • IT Assessments
    We provide assessments, controls testing, physical security, and employee training processes and tools to protect your digital assets.
  • Cyber Security
    With the ever-growing number of cyber incidents, whether from internal sources and external bad actors, organizations must constantly assess their ability to identify and defend themselves from such events.  We provide Vulnerability Testing to uncover vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and Penetration testing to identify weak spots in your system’s defenses.
  • System Implementation Risk Assessments and Assistance
    Assisting management and IT professionals on the selection and implementation of new protection software or upgrades to existing systems
  • Project Management
    Either an outsourced or co-sourced basis, using the disciplines of internal audit, risk mitigation, and superior communications that facilitate more effective program implementations

Internet Crime Reports

According to FBI data, the number of internet crime reports grew by nearly 70% between 2019 and 2020.

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Helping organizations achieve their business goals through risk management.


Darlene Brown

Partner, Enterprise Risk Services

People Watcher. Thalassophile. Chocoholic.

Liz Meyers

Director, Information Technology Consulting

Dog Mom. World experiencer. Disneyphile.

Chris Williamson

CISA, CDPSE, Security+
IT Senior Audit Manager, Internal Audit, Consulting

Technophile. Environmentalist. Traditionalist.

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