The excitement of an overseas assignment can sometimes be mitigated by the reality of the unique tax liabilities for US citizens working overseas, or for foreign nationals working in the US.   MJ brings decades of experience in expatriate tax planning and compliance, whether as a service for an individual, or as part of a benefit package offered to multiple employees with overseas assignments.

We can work in local time (even Australia) with our clients working overseas and take the time to explain the complexities of multiple jurisdiction tax regimes.  In addition, our membership in Prime Global, a global network of CPA firms, provides access to resources in foreign countries who can provide local tax regime insights when needed.

Services for Expatriate Taxes

  • Preparation of required tax compliance tailored to meet the unique needs of Americans working abroad and foreign employees working in the U.S., including the following tax issues:
    • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Acts (FATCA)
    • Foreign assets subject to PFIC Rules
  • Tax treaty opportunities or tie-breaker rules
  • Foreign income exclusions and foreign tax credits
  • Delivery of basic training on U.S. taxation for international inbound and outbound employees
  • Ongoing personalized consultation services to help ease anxiety about the U.S. tax system and enhance employee satisfaction
  • Utilization of a secure and dedicated online portal for each employee tax return designed to simplify the process, integrate data into tax software, and provide online checklist, tools, and 24-hour accessibility to data regardless of a client’s geographic location.

Acting as a Mediator

In addition to tax preparation, McConnell Jones acts as a mediator between the individual and the respective tax authority, responding to any IRS or non-US agency notices that may arise.

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A global network of CPA firms.

Access to resources in foreign countries who can provide local tax regime insights when needed.


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