Benefits To Your Bottom Line: 10 Reasons to Outsource Your Accounting Function

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Tax

Time is a precious commodity for every company and business owner with many looking to accomplish more with fewer resources. When coupled with increasingly complex tax laws, accounting standards, and regulatory requirements, many businesses have turned to outsourcing for access to specialists without incurring additional cost associated with a full-time employee.  An outsourced accounting solution allows your resources to focus on core business functions and meets your need for timely and reliable accounting, tax, and compliance information.

Outsourcing is not a new concept, but it is one that is increasingly becoming the best choice for many small to medium sized companies.  In fact, Robert Half has reported that more than half American companies outsource some aspect of their tax and accounting functions.

Outsourcing your accounting function provides a competitive advantage over those who choose to keep all their accounting functions in-house.  If you are wondering if outsourcing makes sense for your business, consider these factors:

  • Is your accounting department busy or seasonally understaffed?
    Maybe you have a well-established accounting department, but certain times of the year or special projects are loading your team down.  This is common for many businesses; outsourcing accounting services, even if only on a seasonal on temporary basis, can help.
  • Do you operate a small business?
    We work with several business owners who are not ready to hire a full-time employee for their accounting function. From serving as a part-time outsourced controller to assisting with bookkeeping needs, if you run a small business you should explore this option.

Outsourcing your accounting function has several benefits – below are the top 10 reasons to use an outsourced client service team:

  1. Eliminates the need to recruit, hire, train, manage and maintain accounting staff
    This is reason enough for many businesses to choose or make the switch to outsourcing!
  2. Offers access to specialized technical expertise by accounting professionals and CPAs.
  3. Improves time efficiencies since accounting specialists are adept at those functions.
  4. Allows you to focus resources on core business functions.
  5. Provides checks and balances to the cash management piece of your business.
  6. Enhances security and allows for safe and secure access to your sensitive financial information.
  7. Delivers timely financial reporting to management, investors, bankers, etc.
  8. Reduces the burden of keeping up with ever-changing rules and regulations.
  9. Scales up and down your business without the worry of excess operational costs.
  10. Minimizes risks associated with employee turnover and availability.

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